Real {Raw} Food ~ Recipes for Inspiration

Inspired by questions about where I find my paleo recipes and ideas, I thought I’d take some time and make a resource list of blogs and recipes that have great paleo recipes and information. Realizing that this way of eating may seem a bit over the top due to expensive ingredients  (nuts, meat, and veggies aren’t necessarily the cheapest things to buy), I do believe that if your a careful shopper and only eat the amount needed to satisfy yourself, your pocket book won’t be overly strained, if strained at all. You see, if your eating quality over quantity, the less food you will need to consume (buy) to get the “full” feeling and the more nutrients you’ll get in a smaller portion of food, the less you’ll have to eat, eventually leading to a healthy more energy filled body.

   $$$ Budget tip $$$
   Cut out desserts ~ I know, I know….the desserts look extremely yummy and when you already feel like your only eating meat and veggies, a nut based dessert made with {RAW} sugars looks amazingly over the top yummy! I get that…BUT if your trying to be budget conscious, cutting the ingredients out of your shopping list required to make many of these desserts will help you save. If getting our weekly dose of sugar in is a must, and yes, I do like my sugar as well, then maybe pick one recipe out and splurge. Pick a night when you can enjoy it most, ,aybe get together with some close friends who maybe share your food habits and have a social night all in the name of loving {Raw} desserts.  BONUS – eating less desserts and sugar over the long run will help you achieve a more healthy you.
Foods I’ve Found to be My Best Friends
~Spinach – yes, I even eat it for breakfast and actually enjoy it
~Canned chicken
~Tea after breakfast
~Goat Cheese (for all you primal eaters!)
~a hand full of nuts
~balsamic vinegar (for salads)
~cauliflower pizza crust (recipe to come)
~celery with nut butter
~Salads with meat on top for lunch
~Protein smoothie with frozen berries and coconut milk
Awesome Websites with Great Resources
Pinterest – Paleo Recipes (search for almond flour recipes, coconut flour recipes or any nut flour recipes and they usually fit.)
Recipes I’ve Tried and Loved
 P.F. Changs Paleo Lettuce Wraps {{probably one of my most favorite things to eat, it
so good}}
       The great thing about making a lifestyle change is the fact that we can accept our humanness and mistakes are guaranteed to happen. I will be the first to admit that eating this way isn’t always easy….I’ve accepted the fact that I will not follow this 100% perfectly. Yes, that’s my goal, but I’m not going to stress over it! So, be free to experiment, search the web for fun recipes, and make this fit into your lifestyle!

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