~Pie Heaven~


The request, “all I want for Mother’s Day is a chocolate dessert.” The answer, chocolate coconut cream pie made paleo. I found my inspiration for this dessert after scanning Pinterest looking for anything that stood out to me. Here is the recipe I used. I was a bit leery of using one of the main ingredients, avocado, in a dessert. I decided to give it a whirl despite my apprehensions since I’d seen other recipes do the same. I was not disappointed and am glad I took the leap and expounded my use of yet another fruit.


My main point of this blog post today is to inform you that using avocado in dessert is not as weird as I thought. Actually, it adds a decedent creamy smoothness! You couldn’t even tell there was anything out of the ordinary about this pie; in order to make sure it wasn’t just me, I kept the ingredients a secret and just said we were having coconut cream pie. Surprised smiles went around the table when I announced that the base of the pie was avocado. No one would have guessed.

If anything, I want to encourage you to step out side the normal, live on the edge with healthy eating and try something new. If your like me and face food allergies and sensitivities, don’t focus on what you can’t have but rather, focus on all the possibilities there are with the foods you can eat. In the last two weeks I’ve experimented with several new ingredients and have been delightfully surprised: plantains, chia seeds, avocado and coconut cream. It’s been exciting and fun. I invite you to join me in getting creative and try something new!



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