Pesto Queen

Love pesto chicken, pesto on eggs with tomatoes, pesto on cauliflower pizza!!


Firstly, before you go any further, this is the dairy free version of pesto. Even though I munch on chocolate most days, I don’t eat too much dairy. Having said that, I love pesto but have never made it before. I recently bought a mini blender/processor which is so cute and I finally had the opportunity to make my own dairy free pesto. There isn’t really an exact science to making pesto, just throw in the ingredients and whizz together. Super easy and super delicious. This version I used almonds, but i have also used the more traditional pine nuts, which is equally as delicious. I added the pesto to some freshly cooked pasta as well as with fish. It stores very well if you keep it in a fridge in an airtight container.

image copy 3

Ingredients: Olive oil (light), a handful of almonds, a bunch of basil (washed) and a pinch…

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