No Room for Excuses – Health Starts Now

Health Starts Now


Stop right now and take an honest look at your lifestyle choices. Healthy or not, it’s never to late to make steps, even baby ones, towards becoming a more healthier version of you. Maybe even the real you. Do you even know what a healthier you feels like?

Has tiredness taken over your day? Are you struggling to sleep get a good nights sleep? Lacking energy to get you through your 2 o’clock slump in the afternoons? Is your skin red and irritated easily? Does your stomach feel bloated? These are all signs your body is giving you to make some changes. Even just following a few simple rules of health can help tip your body back into a more healthy balance. Following are some things I’ve taken into practice that have helped me feel more like a human!


1) Drink More Water – when getting out of bed in the mornings, make your first stop be the kitchen for a glass of water to rehydrate after a long nights sleep. This will also encourage a more healthy digestion and get your body started in the right direction. I’ve found that drinking more water throughout the day also helps keep me satisfied longer between my meals thus helping me cut down my calories throughout the day…always a positive!

2) Cut the Carbs – Going carbless or even low carb can be scary at first. Let me tell you though, you WILL notice a difference. Within the first couple of weeks, I can almost guarantee you will have dropped a few pounds and that your stomach bloat will start to diminish. Replace your sandwich at lunchtime with a salad and some meat or pack nut butter with celery and some dried fruit with a bottle of kombucha on the side. Carbs are found even in vegetables, but the type of carbohydrates I’m talking about are the breads, beans, sugars and pastas, so if you feel like you need a few carbs in your diet, opt for sweet potatoes, apples, plantains, or other healthy fruits and vegetables.

3) Say NO to Sugar – Sugar lowers your immune system, which in turn makes you more susceptible to getting sick with every day viruses AND even more serious illnesses such as cancer and autoimmune diseases. Not only that, but if you are trying to lose weight, cutting out sugars is a sure way to lose a few pounds. As a personal testimony, I have been cutting out 95% of sugars in my diet the last couple of months and my scale is proof – 9LBS gone. You will have more energy, crave healthier foods, and have clearer skin within a week or two. It will be a decision you won’t regret!

4)Replace Pop with Kombucha – need a fizzy sweet drink? Kombucha is healthy AND flavorful AND promotes cleansing!

5) START NOW – waiting till tomorrow or after the next Holiday will only postpone you finding a more healthier version of you. If you absolutely have to, make one splurge on the upcoming holiday or event and make the rest of your choices healthy ones. Eventually, even the splurges wont seem worth it when you realize how nasty processed sugary foods are compared to the deliciousness of REAL food!

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