Packing a Paleo Lunch

Paleo Lunch

One of the biggest dilemmas I have when working is finding healthy and exciting lunches to pack-and-go. Since sandwiches aren’t and option, and honestly even if they were they get pretty boring pretty fast, so my two go to options are left overs from dinner OR my personal favorite, chicken salad with leafy green salad!

Obviously the left overs are pretty self explanatory. Take what you want from left overs, maybe add in some veggies on the side and sip on a refreshing iced tea.

Chicken salad is simple and easy to make. Personally, I’m not huge on mixing a ton of flavors together – the simpler the better. So, Costco canned chicken and some mayonnaise with sprinkled salt mixed in – delish!

Other personal favorites for packed lunches are :

Veggie strips with slices of grilled chicken

Celery and nut butter for dipping

stir fried vegetables with choice of meat and some coconut aminos to replace soy sauce

juice enough in the morning to pack a Tupperware cup full of vegetable and fruit juice (for a really light lunch)


Eat Well!!



  1. Wanda Priday

    Hello – Would you be interested in trying a mayo for the paleo. There is a new coconut oil and organic egg mayonnaise hitting the Pac NW market this winter – called Coconaise. I would love to send you a sample to review. If you are interested, contact me! Thank you! Wanda

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