Joys of Juicing – Part 2


The story line of my life right now is juice a pile of vegetables and fruit the size of Everest, find containers to store juice in for the next days meals while at work, drink juice, water and more juice,work, drink juice, water and curb hunger cravings with herbal tea, sleep, repeat.

Why you may ask? Juicing is a great way to infuse your body with high concentrations of vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants allowing your organs to rest from digestion.

“I’ve read countless books and studies about what the results of a juice fast can offer. The payoff is just incredible! There are even movies on it – have you seen any of them?  Juice fasting completely detoxifies your body from the inside out – at a complete metabolic and cellular level.  Several organs that are harbors for toxins in your body begin in unison to release toxins built up over time – Your blood becomes purified and your body is able to release toxins from the colon, kidneys, bladder, lungs, sinuses, and the skin clears out all of the unhealthy lifestyle habits or exposures you have had over time. While fasting, diseased cells begin to circulate and are eliminated from your body. The reason your body is able to do this is because your digestive system gets to rest for an extended period of time while still having a huge dose of mega nutrition and live enzymes from the juice.” – Food Babe

So far, the pay off has been worth it. I’ve felt slightly more rested during the mornings, have surprisingly not felt like I’m starving, my skin is beginning to get more clear,I’ve shed some weight and I go to bed tired at night.

Another healthy staple you can add into your juice fast is home made  grass fed bone broth. Delicious, simple to make, and full of healing nutrients – broth is a good way to supplement your cleanse when you need a little change up.

(Disclaimer, dinner on day 3 I had a previous dinner engagement so I broke the fast. A mistake I will never make again.)

Here’s what Day 3 looked like.

Day 3 

* Breakfast – carrot, celery, kale, apple

* Snack – lemon-lime concentrate mixed with water and a half of a ginger kombucha

*Lunch – pear, celery, spinach, apple,green beans, brocolli, ginger

*Snack – Bone Broth

*Dinner –  Salad, soup, and a few french fries

Detox – Lower body aches, chills

Okay, so I’m sure your all curious about my dinner “splurge” – I’m going to admit it was one of the worst decisions. I woke up that night nauseous and feeling flu like symptoms. To much rich food on a stomach that has been only feed fruit and vegetables. That will be the last regular meal I eat while on the cleanse.

Happy Juicing!

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