Clearing the Fog

To the person still reading my blog, I applaud you! It’s been a hot minute since there’s been anything of value posted to this page because well, life happened – started a new job, met a guy, married the guy, changed zip codes, settled(ing) into a new city, and learning to do marriage well. Scroll down to see some of my favorite photos taken by my friend Beckie

Because life doesn’t stop for anyone just so they can type out a blog post, the fog of no longer posting settled in on this little space. Over the last few months (okay, years), I’ve grown, changed, and cultivated how I want this creative outlet to look. I don’t want to just write and share to be the next most popular social media influence. I want share from a platform that desires to encourage, support, inspire, and promote others to live a life that is healthy for THEM, not a life trying to be a cookie cutter of the photo they liked on the screen. Being pushy or flamboyant isn’t me.

The fog is beginning to clear.

I want make this more of a life/food/style diary. Being raw, open, and myself on this space without feeling pressure to look a certain way or write a certain thing for the entertainment of others sounds downright refreshing. If you’ve found this little nook on the internet, I hope you find it encouraging, inspiring, and a push in the right direction for your own health journey!



Just a Girl Being Herself


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