Natural Birth Control with the Daysy Fertility Monitor

When Tim and I were engaged and planning our wedding, we also began to talk about family planning and what we were going to do to postpone having children for a time. Knowing that hormonal birth control pills, IUD’s, or shots weren’t for me, I do what I always do and began to research*. (In complete honesty, using one of those methods was SUPER tempting and for a short time, I almost went that route. More on that later though!) I remembered back in college a professor mentioning something about a new tool that would take your temperature and tell you if you were fertile that day or not. That’s all the information I had.

Google became my best friend in the quest to find a natural solution. I talked with a close friend who had for years talked to me about the classes she and her husband used teach on Natural Family Planning (NFP). From the information I gathered online and from my friend, I knew I wanted something foolproof, simple, and would take the least amount of time with a high rate of accuracy.

Enter the Daysy!

What is Daysy, you might ask? 

It’s a simple tool in the form of a thermometer that you use every morning before getting out of bed. It takes 30-60 seconds of time to read your basal body temperature while you get to relax before the craziness of the day takes over.
Daysy gives you the power to understand your body’s monthly cycle and prevent pregnancy naturally! As women, we are often told that our bodies are too complicated, too unknown, too hard to understand. Therefore just trust the doctors who are the only ones who can understand the intricacies of the female cycle. This belief that has been passed down to generations of women is completely false! Daysy puts the power back into each women’s hands to know and understand her cycle giving clear guidelines showing when your free and clear to have unprotected sex (shown as green days) as well as the days that protection or abstinence is needed (shown as yellow or red days) . It also shows when your projected ovulation date is, when your about to start your cycle, if you might be pregnant, and what your body temperature is each day (body temp is a big indicator for whats going on in our cycle).


Here’s a little excerpt off of Daysy’s website –

“Daysy is a fertility monitor that uses the fertility awareness method (FAM) by learning & tracking your menstrual cycle. With daysy, you can plan or prevent pregnancy just as you choose. Daysy shows you the days you are fertile or not. To prevent pregnancy, use a hormone-free barrier method during your fertile days.”

Why Use the Daysy?

Well, it’s a natural alternative to the birth control options most medical professionals prescribe now days, and we all know I’m all in when something is natural AND it works! Unlike hormonal birth control which has been linked to several disturbing side effects (for more information visit Dr. Josh Axe), the Daysy is a synthetic hormone free option that allows your body to function the way it was created to without the nasty side effects. It allows a woman to KNOW her own body, and knowledge is power!

Not only is it natural and safe, it is also effective. Let’s be honest, when discussing birth control, effectiveness is probably the most important aspect we are all worried and wondering about, amiright?

I’ve been married 7.5 months now and am pregnancy free. I know 7.5 months isn’t long, but I can point you to other women I know and Facebook pages of ladies raving about the effectiveness of the Daysy. With an accuracy rating of 99.3% when used correctly, thats right up there with the effectiveness of the pill! Listening to the empowering voices of other women’s experiences and looking at the statistics of its effectiveness, I was quickly fell in love and have never looked back.

Red, Green, Yellow, and Purple Days

Red – STOP, protected sex ONLY or abstinence
Green – GO and enjoy yourself, no protection needed! YAY!
Yellow – CAUTION, you may be fertile so protection or abstinence is advised
Purple – Menstruation is about to begin or menstruation is happening

On average I have about 14-15 green days, 2-3 yellow days, and 10-14 red days depending on that months cycle.

My Experience 

I can’t rave enough about how much I love this little piece of technology! From interacting with Daysy’s customer service to the effectiveness of postponing pregnancy it has exceeded my expectations. There are several Facebook forums with loads of women there to support you on this journey. Information and help abound! I have learned so much about my own body, can predict within a couple days when I will start my period, and have done so NATURALLY. Viva El Naturel!


*Just to get this out there, your birth control choice is a completely personal decision and everyone needs to make it for themselves. Whether it’s hormonal birth control prescribed by a doctor, charting your cycle, condoms only, or nothing at all, this is a judgement free zone. All I ask is that you make informed choices!

+Content and views expressed on this post are given without any incentive from the company (Daysy).

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