My Favorite Trader Joe’s Products

Trader Joe’s. The name alone brings stars into my eyes and a joy to my heart. Eating healthy isn’t always easy, but when you have access to a few delicious easy options for snacks or a quick dinner, it makes the task more into a joy than a burden. With multiple sauces, snacks, and ingredients to woo even the most snobbiest of health critics, I’m sure you’ll find something there you’ll love!

I’ve compiled a Trader Joe’s list of some of my “go to’s” and why. In no way is this sponsored! Wouldn’t that be an awesome perk though, HA! Also, the flowers in all these photos are from Trader’s as well! They always have a beautiful selection.

The Joe’s Must Haves

1. Coconut Milk and Coconut Cream that are priced low and are creamy dreamy

Usable in everything from your morning coffee to the curry your making for dinner, coconut milk and cream are a staple in my home. Making overnight coconut milk chia seed pudding for breakfast, creamy dairy free coconut cream eggplant parmesan, buttery curry, or frothy smoothies are all ways these two products can be used.

Priced at a reasonably low rate, the last trip I took to TJ’s the coconut cream was out of stock and one team member said they were rebranding it while another said that their supplier was struggling to keep up with the demand. Whatever the reason, grab ’em while you can and enjoy the delicious food’s these items will help you make!


2. Shaving Cream that makes your legs smooth as velvet 

I have never had a more closer shave that makes my legs smooth as silk without drying them out. It goes on like a dream with a consistency between jelly and lotion. I’m hurriedly using up my old foaming shave creams so that I can make this my one and only shave cream. It’s just that good ladies!


3. Red and Green Salsa that beat any other salsa in a jar

I used to think all salsa tasted mostly the same, as long as they weren’t chunky. Well, my opinion has changed. I love the green salsa, obviously, since this jar is already half used as evidenced in my photo! Has a yummy slightly fire roasted flavor. The red salsa is like a restaurant style picante that was made by an authentic taco truck. I haven’t had a better store-bought jar salsa ever! They are both delish!


4. Green Goddess Salad Dressing, the epitome of amazing flavor

I’m a picky salad dressing eater. This one though cut the cake. With a perfectly balanced flavor of tangy and creamy, this dressing was a hit with both my husband and I! It’s a bit on the thick side, so don’t expect a normal drizzly dressing. Even if it was more concentrated than I really like, once mixed into my salad it no longer mattered because the flavor won me over!


5. Greek Kalamata Olives that are priced just right and delicious on salads

Olive fans unite! These olives were tangy with a good balance of squishiness and firmness that’s needed with the perfect olive. I ate mine on a salad with the dressing I raved about above, but I can see them also going perfectly in an Italian pasta dish, on top of a noodle salad, or on a greek pizza.


6. Raw Sauerkraut good for gut health

Getting probiotics into my diet through the foods I eat rather than taking a supplement is always a top priority. If it’s yours too than I highly suggest this little gem at TJ’s! Even if you don’t know what probiotics are, this is for everyone. Raw kraut with a smattering of little pickle slices is a crowd winner for anyone who loves the tanginess of vinegar…but without the vinegar!

The price was amazing too! Usually raw probiotic filled foods cost a pretty penny, but it’s obvious that they have tried to keep this product in a price range affordable for all. A little goes a long way too, so it helps keep it on your fridge shelf longer.


7. The BEST Peanut Butter Ever

Does peanut butter even need an explanation? Probably not, but what I will tell you that you can’t know without being told is that hands down I have never had a more delicious peanut spread. With a flavor that tastes like fresh fire roasted and salted circus peanuts with the creaminess level ready to compete with any natural peanut butta’, you’ll be in love with the first spoonful.

Added tip, but a dollop on top of your morning oatmeal. You won’t regret it!


8. Crispy crunchy Cheese Bites that make great high protein snacks

Better than Walmart’s Twisps, these cheese bites are a great snack on the road or after the gym. With lots of protein, they are just what you need to keep the energy going and the taste buds pleased! We love ’em plain, but I can imagine they would be good with just about anything. I even saw someone use them as a cracker with a dip. Lot’s of options with these little bites of yum!


9. Everything But the Bagel Seasoning

Supposedly Trader’s is having trouble keeping this product on the shelves it’s such a hot item. Sprinkled on a slice of cucumber with cream cheese is heaven itself. So so yum! In scrambled eggs, on a bagel with butter, or used as a salad topper, I don’t think you can go wrong by putting this in your cart!


10. Grass Fed Butter

Kerrygold is just what its name implies. Gold. It’s color has a beautiful golden hue and the flavor it boasts just backs both it’s name and color up. If you have never tasted raw grass fed milk or grass fed beef before you are seriously missing out! Make this your first venture into the world of grass fed goodness and you will be forever hooked! It’s seriously MUCH different from your average butter.

Since it is a bit on the pricier side, I reserve this butter for use on my fat balls, with a handful of nuts, in eggs, or anything I eat that isn’t baked. I want to be able to taste the flavor and savor every bite!


11. Roasted Seaweed

I know I know, it sounds gross, and that’s what I thought when I first heard of it. But seriously guys, it’s good and makes a good snack or addition to your lunch. I’ve tried the Costco brand and Trader Joe’s seaweed by far outranks it. I don’t eat rice, but if I did this would make a delicious wrap for it. I love mine plain. It has a great slightly salty texture and I swear the fact that its roasted makes all the difference. Call me weird, but it’s amazing!


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