Matcha Mornings


How Matcha Works

Cutting coffee out for the next 6 weeks will be a challenge so instead of drinking my daily coffee, I’ll be making matcha a few mornings a week. I equate matcha to the low glycemic index that berries hold. Rather than giving you the quick energy spike and then sudden energy drop like coffee, matcha prolongs the caffeine and gives lasting energy.

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Zen Green Tea


Full of vitamins, minerals, and a heck of a lot of antioxidants, matcha is a great substitute for coffee since it’s a powerhouse of so many health benefits.


  1. High in antioxidants
  2. Catechin – EGCg (cancer fighting antioxidant)
  3. Enhances the feeling of being calm
  4. Boosts memory and concentration
  5. Increases energy levels in a clean way without the side effects of nervousness and hypertension that coffee can give.
  6. Burns calories
  7. Strengthens the immune system

My Thoughts on Matcha

I must admit, it takes a bit of time to get used to the flavor matcha presents your taste buds. It definitely tastes green. It definitely tastes like you are drinking something early. If made correctly though, I’ve found it to be a creamy and satisfying alternative to my morning coffee.

How I make my matcha

14 oz water heated to 170°
1.5 tsp matcha powder
1 tbsp Kerrygold Grass Fed Butter 
2 scoops vital proteins
2 tsp Penzeys ceylon cinnamon 

ADD all ingredients to a Vitamix and blend on high for 1 minute.
Pour into an oversized mug, sip and ENJOY!


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