Crazy Good Low Carb Coconut Flour Pancakes

In my quest for copy cat pancakes made out of coconut flour I ran across PALOEHACKS recipe and was immediately hooked.

Light and fluffy, easy to make, and above all very tasty, I knew this was a recipe I wanted to share. I love my breakfast food and pancakes are at the top of the list, below waffles, of course!

I found when following this recipe that it is best to get your pan heated up before pouring the batter in. When I say heated up, I mean up to at least medium, if not a bit hotter. The consistency of the batter needed that flash heat to set it in order to keep it from running all over the place.

Coconut flour can be a difficult ingredient to work with. It usually ends up making the end product dry and sawdusty, not giving much depth of flavor, and overall something to be avoided. In this recipe, it was NOT the case! It’s one I will return to for the future of creating a delicious breakfast!


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