Non-Dairy Tea Latte

Tea, often the underdog in America compared to coffee which is the life blood of any good, honest, and REAL American. Amirite people??  I’m gonna cross cultural norms and get in touch with my English roots by saying a good cup of tea can be just as good as a great cup of coffee. My favorite froufrou coffee drink is a latte, no added sweetener. Why not a tea latte then?!

In my quest to find alternative cozy morning drinks to coffee, I came up with a frothy, creamy, shoulder squinchingly good option. A tea latte! Taking less then 5 minutes to whip up, I see these becoming a part of my morning routine a few days a week!

Items you will need 

Blender (here’s the one I use)
Two tea bags ( I used Trader Joe’s Decaffeinated Irish Breakfast)
Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides
Kerry Gold Gras Fed Butter
Oversize Mug



Heat 15oz water to 185°

Pull out your favorite oversized mug and place two tea bags inside. Once water is heated, steep tea for 3-4 minutes.

While heating water, place in blender 2 scoops Vital Proteins Collagen  with 1 tbsp Kerry Gold butter. Once tea has steeped, remove tea bags and place tea in blender.

Blend on High for 1 minute. Pour the frothy tea into mug, find a sunny cozy spot to relax, and enjoy!



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