Where I Shop for Groceries + What’s On My Grocery List at Each Place

Health conscious grocery stores are on the rise. When I moved to a small town in the midwestern state of Missouri I quickly found two locally owned markets specializing in health products with another chain grocery store being built just down the road from our home. This surprised me since the Midwest stereotypically isn’t known for being up on health trends, but it also testified to the fact that the way Americans view food is slowly beginning to change. Hallelujah!

The stores I frequent range from places in town where you’ll see me on a weekly basis to places in larger cities that require me to stock up on certain items while visiting. Recently I’ve even been ordering online and have LOVED the prices you can find, especially when you shop the sales. For example, the last few days VitaCost had a 20% off coupon of $50 or more. Today they started a sale of BOGO half off of certain items. Those can add up to amazing savings, you just have to keep your eye out. I’ve signed up for their email alerts so I know when a good sale might be happening.

Another way I keep track of what I need to buy is by making a simple grocery list. This is usually a running list of things we either run out of or might need in the weeks to come. I have a list for the stores we visit when out-of-town, usually on my phone, as well as a list for the stores where we live on a piece of paper. These lists help keep me on track with a budget as well it’s a reminder that we might not actually NEED that random item I pull off the shelf just because it looks good.

Don’t get overwhelmed, healthy grocery shopping habits take time to form. My advice to start is it simply make a list in the notes section of your phone and overtime as you realize you need an item type it in. Right before you go shopping, scan the list and add any items you forgot or realize you need. There you have it, your first step to an organized more budget friendly shopping trip.

So, Why a Post On Grocery Stores?

When I first started moving towards a healthier lifestyle, I wondered where people shopped for groceries and what they bought. Yeah sure, you could find heathy foods at a normal store, but weren’t there places that either sold a bigger selection of certain items and maybe for cheaper? I began exploring stores in the cities I visited and quickly fell in love with the local co-op type grocery outlets and wanted to share that passion with you. So, if your just starting your health journey or just wanting to mix it up with the stores you shop at, here’s some places to try and, as a bonus, I’m letting you in on what’s in my shopping cart at each place!

Quick disclaimer: because of the location where I currently live, the store below are what I have available to me. Yes, Wallmart is on the list, but in order to shop at a co-op grocery market I’d have to drive at least an hour one way. Since that’s not an option, I do the best with what I have. I think you’ll be surprised just how many options are out there even if you don’t have a Whole Food’s or more wholistic grocer.

Large Chain Stores

Sams club

What’s On My Grocery List:
◊ Frozen chicken breasts
◊ Turkey bacon
◊  Raw almonds
◊  Strawberries
◊  Almond Flour
◊  Guacamole
◊  Mini Peppers
◊ Green Peppers
◊  Steaks (when on sale – bring ’em home and throw them in the freezer!)
◊  Eggs (if farm fresh are out)
◊  Kiwis
◊ Garlic Bulbs
◊  Grass Fed Ground Beef (As needed)
◊  Cauliflower Pearls
◊  Bananas
◊  Pepperoni
◊  Medjool Dates
◊ Cherry Tomatoes




◊  Cabbage
◊  Chicken Sausages
◊  Bacon
◊  Sausage
◊  All our condiments
◊  Sweet Potatoes
◊  Onions
◊  LaCroix
◊  Coconut Flour
◊ Tomatoes
◊Golden Beets


◊ Turmeric Powder
◊ Canned Green Chilis
◊ Taco Seasoning
◊ Canned Coconut Milk
◊ Coconut Cream
◊ Black Bean Corn Chips
◊ Canned Green Chilis
◊ Hatch Valley Green Salsa
◊  Salsa Authentica
◊  Decaffeinated Irish Breakfast Tea
◊  Spiced Chai
◊  Peppermint Tea
◊  Shelled Edamame
◊  Raw Sauerkraut with Pickled Persian Cucumbers
◊  Green Goddess Salad Dressing
◊  Almond Butter Turmeric Salad Dressing
◊  Creamy Salted Peanut Butter
◊  Montezuma’s 100% Cocoa Solids Dark Chocolate
◊  Golden Raisins
◊  Olive Tapenade


What’s On My Grocery List:
◊  Bagged Pre-chopped Kale
◊ Spinach
◊  Onions
◊  Lettuce
◊  Avocados
◊  Kerry Gold Grass Fed Butter
◊  Raw Cashews
◊  Freeze Dried Fruit (Strawberries, pears, or apples)
◊  Baby Bella Mushrooms
◊  Asparagus
◊  Various Cheeses (for my cheese loving hubby)
◊  Cauliflower
◊  Sweet Potatoes
◊  Onions
◊  Lemon Juice
◊ Kombucha

Local Stop and Shops



What’s On My Grocery List:
◊  Kefir
◊  CoYo plain coconut yogurt
◊  Organic Chopped Dates
◊  Kombucha
◊ Raisins
◊ Walnuts

ear local

◊  Farm fresh eggs when available
◊  Duck Eggs when available
◊  Raw Milk
◊  Lettuce when in season
◊ Heirloom Tomatoes when in season
◊  Local farmers market veggies when in season

Online Shopping


◊  Chicken Breasts
◊  Grass Fed Ground Beef
◊  Bacon

  Vita Cost

◊  Hemp Seeds
◊  Shredded Coconut
◊  Olive Oil
◊  Avocado Oil
◊  Avocado Oil Chips
◊  Probiotics
◊ Coconut Oil



◊ Matcha
-Kiss Me Organics Ceremonial Grade Matcha
◊ Vitamin Code Women’s daily vitamin by Garden of Life

   Sun Potion

◊  Matcha
◊  Adaptogens


◊ Krill Oil
◊ Eye Nourish Plus



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