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Dermaplaning At Home with the Tinkle Razor

I’m no skincare professional and am definitely not an avid makeup connoisseur, but I do like clean healthy skin and have worked towards being acne free since my puberty years. I can definitely say my skin has improved leaps and bounds by using quality makeup and a more natural and gentle skin care routine (currently using Beauty Counter products). One thing I never thought I’d be doing though was shaving my face. Yet, here I am, tell you about my experience and how to do it yourself!

Even though my skin has improved, I still notice it looks dry and flaky once I put makeup on. Almost as if the foundation is sitting on top of my face rather than directly on the skin. No amount of moisturizing, exfoliating, or foundation changes made a difference. It wasn’t until I saw an Instagrammer I follow who sells makeup talk about her one big tip for getting the foundation to sit directly on her face. Here enters the Tinkle Razor! With a catchy, slightly awkward name like that, it’s hard to take it seriously. But, with a review from someone more makeup savvy than myself that spoke directly to my issue, I immediately went and purchased a pack off of Amazon for surprisingly great price.

size of tinkle razor

What is Dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning is a physical procedure that helps remove the topmost layer of dead skin and baby fine hairs that are present. Because the hairs that are being shaved are vellus hairs (think peach fuzz) rather than the thick terminal hairs we usually associate with shaving (think men’s beards or women’s leg hair), they will not grow back in thicker or darker. This is good news for those of us looking for a chemical free option to smooth out our facial skin! Commonly done in salons for a hefty price tag, Tinkle Razors are a great at-home-option that won’t break the bank. Safe, easy, and effective, I’m pretty confident in saying these will be a new bathroom staple!

Cute RazorsWomens Facial Razor

The Tinkle Razor Difference

Traditionally, dermaplaning is done at a salon with a scalpel. The Tinkle Razor, which is as cute and tiny as its name is eyebrow-raisingly odd-silly-catchy, is a tiny safety razor that safely shaves the top layer of skin and peach fuzz without fear of giving yourself a major cut or taking a chunk of skin as it goes. You still need to exercise caution and make sure to keep the movements slow – you are still using a razor, albeit a cute one!  Keep in mind, just using a normal razor won’t give you the same effect and you’ll more than likely walk away with a piece of tissue plastered to your face because you’ve knicked yourself – and lets be honest, nobody wants to see that! My suggestion is to stick with this nifty tool specifically designed for this task.

I have acne prone skin and I’m still figuring out how it will affect the overall health of my skin as time goes on. So far, after my first week, I did notice my skin was slightly aggravated after the first use but I’ve read that’s completely normal and you have to give your skin time to adjust. After a day, my skin returned back to normal and is now silky smooth. I was actually quite surprised at the amount of peach fuzz that came off my face. I ever looked close enough or paid much attention. Now my makeup doesn’t look nearly as cakey or dry and it definitely sits on my skin rather than on top of the fine hairs that once were there.

ladies beauty razor

hand holding a razor

Here’s What You Should Know Before You Start Shaving Your Face

  • Shave your face AFTER you’ve cleansed your face
  • Do it at night so your skin can breathe before putting makeup on
  • Pull skin taught then use small downward motions and light pressure making sure to go slow
  • Great for sideburns, cheeks, upper lip, and chin areas. Be very gently on the forehead.
  • Moisturize after your done
  • Here’s a great video tutorial if you have more questions

*The products that I referenced are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I get a commission if you click through and make a purchase.


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