creamy frothy cold brew coffee made with nondairy milk

How to Make the Frothiest Non-Dairy Coffee At Home

One of my favorite morning routines, after I’ve worked out, is to sip on a cup of coffee – whether it’s a cozy pour over or some crisp toddy. I know a coffee purist would say a dash of cream or any additive ruins a well-poured cup, but I beg to differ! Today I wanted to share with you a couple of my favorite ways to make a frothy creamy cup of morning goodness – what I put in it, how I get it frothy on top, and some of my favorite coffee brands/roasters.

  1. Make sure you have some high-quality grass-fed collagen peptides to start with. Recently I made the switch from using Vital Proteins, which I still love, to Perfect Hydrolyzed Collagen for the cost saving benefits. So far I’ve been just as happy with the Perfect brand of collagen and plan to continue purchasing the same brand. When buying collagen, grass-fed is important since it will be more nutrient dense. Healthier cows mean healthier collagen. Adding collagen to your morning coffee will not only give you a boost of protein, it’ll also aid in getting your coffee nice and frothy just like they would at a coffee shop.
  2. Cashew milk to make it nice and creamy will become your best friend. Alternative milk for those of us staying away from dairy can be disappointing, at least it was for me when I cut out milk. Milk made from cashews has been the best substitute by far – mild flavor, less watery, and gives the needed boost to help your coffee have foam. When I found out how easy it was to make my own cashew milk, I haven’t looked back. If making your own nut milk isn’t your thing then I would highly suggest you looking into Nut Pods. These were a staple in my home before making my own.
  3. Hot or cold coffee – preferably made from quality coffee beans and roasted by a brand that knows their stuff. I guarantee you’ll notice a striking difference from your normal Folgers or Starbucks when you make the switch to a well-roasted bean. My husband’s father roasts his own coffee and usually, that’s what you’ll find in our cupboard. If not that, then our favorite brand of beans are either Onyx Coffee Roasters or Oddly Correct. Their flavor profiles are spot on.

coffee outside in the summer

What I Do

In my Vitamix blender, I place one scoop of collagen peptides, about 10 oz of coffee, and 4-6 TBSP(depending on how creamy I want it) of non-dairy milk. I then blend on high – 1.5  minute for cold coffee and 2 minutes for hot. I then pour into my desired mug for hot coffee or glass filled halfway with ice for the cold brew.

frothy creamy foamy cold brew coffee made in blender

Favorite Coffee Beans

Picking a favorite coffee roaster can be just as difficult as choosing the right presidential candidate to vote for was in our last election. Everyone roasts their beans differently, sources them from different growers, and can charge a broad range of prices. Our two favorites come from Oddly Correct and Onyx Coffee Roaster. I hope you enjoy, and let me know if you get the chance to try any of these coffees! Both of them are well bodied and sure to make your taste buds dance!



*some of the above links are affiliate links – meaning, I get a small kick back if you click through and make a purchase.

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